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The California Women’s Conference will make every effort to comply with booth preference on a first come, first served basis. Location assignments are at the discretion of Show Management and determined after receipt of signed application and payment in full. Please note that power, internet and carpeting are not included in any booth package.  Booth  carpet  is  mandatory.

Please be sure to include your proof of liability insurance and 501c3 documentation (if applicable).  


The California Women’s Conference Exhibitors are subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. Show Management = Women Network LLC

GENERAL: All parties and questions not covered by the Basic Terms and Conditions are subject to the decision of Show Management and may be amended or supplemented at any time by Show Management, and all such amendments or additions shall, upon reasonable notice, be equally binding on all parties affected as the original.

EVENT SITE: Location, date and hours of the California Women’s Conference are as follows: Long Beach Convention Center [Hall B&C], 300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802 on December 7 & 8, 2016, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

INSURANCE & INDEMNIFICATION: Exhibitor agrees to obtain and maintain a policy of at least one million dollars general liability insurance.  Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the California Women’s Conference and for any claim, action or lawsuit for personal injury or property damage, brought by any person or entity resulting from the negligent act or omission of Exhibitor, its employees, representatives and/or agents. Exhibitor must also maintain auto insurance on any vehicle on premises and carry worker’s compensation insurance, as required by law.

SETUP: Exhibit space will be available to Exhibitors for installing displays beginning on December 6, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All exhibits MUST be installed by 5:00 PM on December 6, 2016, unless informed otherwise by Show Management.

DISMANTLE: All exhibits shall be dismantled and removed by 8:00 PM on December 8, 2016. In the event the exhibits are not removed by such date and time, Show Management may destroy any portion of the exhibitor place such Items in storage at the owner’s own expense or risk.

EXHIBIT STAFF: All exhibits MUST be staffed for the entire duration of the conference. Exhibitors unable to staff their exhibit for a period of time must make necessary arrangements as needed. Failure to staff your booth will result in a penalty fee of $500 as well as the dismantle of your exhibit.

EXHIBIT SPACE ASSIGNMENTS: The California Women’s Conference will make every effort to comply with booth preference on a first come, first served basis. Location assignments are at the discretion of Show Management and determined after receipt of signed application and payment in full.

SUBLETTING OF SPACE: Exhibitor agrees not to assign or sublet the space assigned to it without the express written consent of The California Women’s Conference. All businesses must enter individually. Absolutely no Exhibitor will be allowed to share booth space with another business during the event.

EXHIBIT BOOTHS: The Conference reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of the display, products, services, and literature promoted by Exhibitor and to prohibit the sale or display of any product or service deemed inappropriate. Booths shall be completely set up prior to Event opening and the Exhibitor shall maintain competent personnel to staff the booth during the advertised Event hours. The booths shall not be dismantled or altered during the entire Event period. Exhibitor agrees to promptly dismantle and remove from the premises the entirety of the display and all its component parts, after the final closing of The Conference to the public and no later than the final posted tear down and move out time. The Exhibitor shall return the premises to its original condition at the conclusion of the Event or the termination of this Contract. Any items left in the booth will be considered abandoned.


FOOD SAMPLING: While the selling of food at the Exhibit Booths is strictly prohibited, food sampling is permitted.  Those exhibitors who will be sampling food are required to request approval before November 1, 2016. Any Exhibitor selling or sampling foods without prior written approval will be subject to fines from the Long Beach Convention Center and/or the Long Beach Department of Health.

FIRE REGULATIONS: Exhibitor agrees to adhere to all regulations and fire codes as dictated by the Long Beach Convention Center and the Long Beach Fire Department.

AMPLIFICATION: No amplification of sound or voice will be allowed above normal voice tone, and/or no sounds will be loud enough to prevent other Exhibitors from speaking with guests in normal voice. The Conference shall have absolute control over the sound level, in order to avoid any objectionable sound levels.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: The California Women’s Conference will arrange for contractors to perform the following materials and services: drayage, cartage, furniture, booth construction, signs, telephone service, electricians, etc. These services will be provided and charged to Exhibitor at the prevailing rates. A service kit will be sent to you from the decorating company. The California Women’s Conference assumes no responsibility or liability to the Exhibitor for any of the services performed or materials delivered and provided by the contractors.

LABOR: The Long Beach Convention Center has strict requirements regarding material handling inside the center, as well as installing and dismantling your booth. You will be given a packet of information concerning the rules and pricing from the decorating company.

GIFT BAG INCLUSION: All items intended for gift bag distribution must be approved by Women Network. A total of 5,000 pieces is recommended for maximum exposure, however less than 5,000 may be supplied for partial bag fulfillment. The rate will not be adjusted for partial fulfillment. Show Management will provide Exhibitor with delivery instructions.

EXHIBITOR EXCLUSIVITY OF PRODUCT/SERVICE: Show Management does not guarantee exhibitor exclusivity of product or service. Acceptance of contract, the presence of a product or service at the California Women’s Conference does not imply it’s approval to the exclusion of other products, equipment or services.

PROMOTION: Show Management will make all reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy of exhibitor listings in the program guide and on the website. Due to the quantity of entries, errors can occur. Show Management will not be liable to exhibitors for errors and/or omissions.

PAYMENT: In the event that the Exhibitor has not paid the balance due as agreed, Show Management may, at his/her option, reassign space to another Exhibitor. If Exhibitor does not claim its assigned space before 3:00 PM on December 6, 2016, Show Management may, at his/her option, reassign space to another Exhibitor and may seek to recover balance due from Exhibitor together with the costs of collection, including any reasonable attorney or collection agency’s fees if this agreement is placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agency for collection. Defaulting Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund or sums paid in advance and shall be responsible for full rental balance due as agreed. If credit card information is provided by the Exhibitor for payment of contracted space; the authorized signature on this application will serve as authorized signature for payment from credit card of total booth fees as outlined on form. Exhibitor with outstanding payments due before show opening will not be permitted to set-up or move into the Show.

TAXES:  Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility for and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Long Beach Convention Center,  Show Management, their   agents and employees, from all state, federal and local taxes associated with sales activities related to its exhibit.

CANCELLATION: No refunds will be issued once an Exhibitor has been approved. In the event circumstances make it impossible or impractical for the Conference to permit the Exhibitor to occupy exhibit space assigned during any part of the duration of the Event, then under such circumstances Exhibitor shall be charged a prorated cost for space. The California Women’s Conference is released and held harmless from any and all claims for damages which   arise as a consequence thereof. If The California Women’s Conference should be prevented from conducting the Event due to any cause beyond its control including, but not limited to, strike, fire, civil disobedience, inclement weather, lock outs, acts of God, terrorism or terrorist acts whether actual or threatened, acts of a public enemy, epidemics or quarantines, or other causes, acts or events similar to those enumerated, The California Women’s Conference will refund to Exhibitor the amount of rental paid by Exhibitor and shall have no further obligation or liability to Exhibitor.

SECURITY will be present during set up and show days. Security is provided as an accommodation for Exhibitor and The California Women’s Conference assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property of the Exhibitor. Exhibitor MUST wear Event Exhibitor identification at all times while in exhibition areas.

CODE OF CONDUCT: To insure maximum benefit to all Conference exhibitors and the public, the following practices are banned by Show Management: (a) Noisy electrical or mechanical apparatus that interfere with other exhibitors; (b) Inordinate spillover from television, radio or audio systems; (c) Posting of signs or other advertising materials in or around the facility outside of the exhibitor’s assigned space; (d) Actions or soliciting techniques which might be considered harassment to those attending the Conference; (e) Demonstrations and/or equipment that might present a safety hazard to other exhibitors of those attending; (f) Inappropriate attire; (g) Any promotional activities outside exhibitors assigned and contracted booth space – Including collateral distribution.

VIOLATIONS OF PROVISIONS: Violation of any provision in this Contract will result in the immediate termination of this Contract and the removal of the Exhibitor and its property from the Event premises, with no refund of fees.

EXHIBITOR AGREES to comply with all laws, union regulations, electrical and fire codes and all other rules, regulations, codes or statutes with respect to the assembly, set up, installation, operation or disassembly of his/her exhibit. Exhibitor acknowledges that Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at all times in       the hall during the Event. At all times during the Event, Exhibitor agrees to conduct himself/herself in a professional and courteous manner.

Under no circumstances shall The California Women’s Conference be liable to the Exhibitor in excess of the consideration paid by the Exhibitor, other than the negligent acts or omissions of The California Women’s Conference, its employees, agents, or representatives. The California Women’s Conference shall not be liable for injury of any type from any cause to the property of the Exhibitor, its employees, representatives, agents, licenses or invitees.

This Contract shall constitute the entirety of the understanding between the Exhibitor and The California Women’s Conference and there is no other agreement or warranty between Exhibitor and The California Women’s Conference as set forth herein. Exhibitor agrees that all of the terms and provisions of this Contract are material and that The California Women’s Conference may terminate this Contract if Exhibitor violates any term or provision of this Contract.

This Contract is made and entered into under the laws of the State of California, which shall control its construction, interpretation, and enforceability. Exhibitor hereby consents to personal jurisdiction in the courts of the State of California in the event litigation is required to resolve any dispute arising under this Contract. In emergencies and wherever the foregoing rules do not cover, Show Management reserves the right to have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all contract regulations contained herein, and the power to make such amendments thereto, and such further rules and regulations as shall be considered necessary for proper conduct of the exhibition.

As  an  authorized  representative,  by  signing  below  I  acknowledge  to  have  carefully  read  the  attached  Terms  &  Conditions  in full, and agree to abide all Terms & Conditions contained therein. If paying by credit card, I authorize the California Women’s Conference to charge my credit card according to the instructions specified above.